Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why we repeat the past

Previously on my web page i have talked about brain pathways. Many spiritual teachers explain the way to happiness is in the now(the present). With old brain patterns of anxiety and pain, mixed with confused expectations of the future, we are doomed to repeat our character defects over and over. If you notice you are attracting the same type of man it is probably because you are drawing him in using unconscious patterns from the past. You are probably ignoring red flags, making excuses for him/her, and justifying them as being different than the previous relationship. Without consciously bringing this to the surface, it will blindly and slowly lead you to make the same mistakes.. So what do we do?
We start by being true to ourselves. Meaning unconditioning old habits, and replacing them with healthy for sure thought patterns that we are not used too. For instance once you realize a character flaw in yourself and bring it to a conscious level, you can no longer manipulate yourself to do what you feel as unhealthy. judgemental ism is a great character defect to use as an example. Once you see yourself as Judging others to ease your own pain. Concentrate on every detail down to physical feeling of discomfort during the judgement. After realizing that you are judging out of your own feelings of inadequacy, you can no longer judge as easily. For your Judgements of others usually have to do with your unwillingness to perceive an once of a defect in ones self.
If we continue our lives without doing the head work necessary to ease your mind, you will stay very resentful. But almost magically, if you ex cert even a little energy working on your own happiness, you will begin to replace anxiety and hatred with love and appreciation.. Start small work on complimenting one person a day.. start today and within half the time you thought, you will be free from the cycles of pain life holds.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Seasons Easy/hard---healthy balance

A total concious person will almost always rejoice and be grateful every holiday..For all they see is the glory of love, showing appreciation at all costs instead of resentment.. However one like myself and most of you become more deeply unconcious, concentrating on fears and anxieties at hand. Feelings of not being good enough for your family, missing past loved ones, and a void of support-either from family- or groups. By ourselves we can live life, but alone we can not be happy.. The Holiday seasons can be a reminder that we spend to much time involved with ourselves, and not enough time with others who love us.. For many loggs burn brighter and stronger when put together. But alone one log may only hold enough energy to hold its coal.
These other so called loggs dont have to be family, they can consist of many different groups that help one cope with any problem. I have about 3-4 close friends that I confide in, along with a very extensive family of enlightened individuals. I suggest we all use our friends and/or family for support. The key to any support group is loving people. With loving people to run your problems past, you will notice a feeling of strength. For one who loves you will never give you malicious advice.. One must be careful when using family members, because of popular use of malicious advice due to their own unconcious. Sometimes these people, who know no better, lead you in the wrong direction ever strengthening your ego. Which is counter productive in our path to enlightenment((true-happiness).
It has been a Hard Month for me. My concious levels have fluxuated from very consious(using love other centered) to severly unconcious(thoughts of hurting others).. Once this is brought to a level of communication all unconcious feelings are transmuted. I can see the patterns also by writing down my feelings, this also brings truth to my feelings.. Anything other than Love, Compassion, And tolerance, then become unacceptable. Let us see ourselves in eachother. Let all feelings of discomfort transmute to gratitude. For we are growing older and wiser with every nano-second.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


First photo, one month in with good progress....Second photo, this weekend.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Put yourself around positive people

Saint Paul said, " all that light touches becomes light.." for example if you bring a candle into a dark room what happens,? the whole room lights up just as the candle enters. Be that candle. Put yourself around others candles(obviously i mean other positive people. Just like the fire n light become hotter and brighter. So do you by being a log that is part of a large fire. If you stay around positive people all the time you will never fail.. I would bet a million on it. Be a light for others. others who dont know as much as you. Others who will lighten up and burn brighter do too you..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wish Me luck

I have a shoot with American apparel on sat. put me in your prayers

Old Pics

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

spirit n ego (atheist) 2 seperate parts of all us

Spiritual perspective vs. atheist
Our perspective about life; life in general, and the lives of others, are based on spiritual laws. These Laws are laws of nature and laws of physics. Starting with laws based on the law Balance and the law of plenty and ending with about ten more of these laws are proved to be true, through love and compassion, that we all can be happy we all can have our dreams come true. The atheist perspective is different.
If there are 5 billion people on earth for example, and some think from a spiritual perspective, then there would be some that look at it from an atheist perspective. The atheist perspective would be scared (ego based). They would want to hoard everything for them and their friends. They would be all Ego and afraid of annihilation, annihilation of ego, and or of the self. They would want to live better then the other 5 billion. Because they have no higher power, comes little sense of others, they are solely based on taking care of themselves. I could get deeper into why not having any sense of something bigger than your self creates misery, evil and greed. With a false power they see themselves as higher power than others.
Now to the positive and uplifting insight! As spiritual beings we are linked to the Universe. We are linking ourselves deeper and deeper into the universe by using meditation. By looking at the world, and seeing infinite possibilities we can manifest anything we want. By first looking at the work involved in what you want. Next one must decide if you want to do it. If it seems overwhelming and difficult then the universe is telling you that isn’t what you really want. The universe (which I call God) knows what it is that will truly make you happy. We see things and we feel like we should be doing it, you probably should be doing it The only catch is you can always have it(whatever you want) if it benefits the universe and others. Nice houses, nice cars, fancy vacations, as long as you make the money and intend on making the world a better place, you can have it. Listen to what it is you want. It will be like neon lights when you n the universe agree.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The feeling of mindfulness cannot be described in words or written down in words either...The Term "Natural State" refers to the goal of every Buddhist.. Natural state can neither be described in words.. It is a state of calm bliss but gentle discomfort.. In the book Science of Happiness, it is described as the same feeling of reaching a goal, finishing a project, and/or after a great workout.. With all the Drama in life it is impossible to achieve natural state, we have many egoic identifications. Witch our mind identifies itself with.. For instance any "thinking" as Pema Chodran calls it, is just your ego trying to identify yourself as something..Without this cloud of thought your mind is in Natural state of being.. This is why we must practice meditation... It causes the neuro-plasticity to engage in the more natural states of mind...My newest student taught me that We are all always students.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fear and Love The only two emotions

Men especially dont express emotions well.. We vent every emotion through anger or guilt.. When I say we I mean some of us..
All negative emotions start with fear-under fear you can find all insecurities.. As I have described previously on the blog Fear is just the Ego and the Egos sense of being beaten..To move from Fear to love you must start with forgiveness..In terms to support the rest of my blog you must change the neurons firing through pathways that have been engrained with fear.. With Neuron Plasticity(changing the pathways through meditation)We can actually change the neurons and have them fire to the love and compassionate sides of the brain..Or what I like to call the spirit.By changing the perspective from egoic to sriritual.. The power to do this is a miracle to me..Even something as simple as a young teen training herself not to be scared of dogs after having been attacked at a young age..Another case in change of perspective(neuron plasticity) is anger(fear) turning into forgiveness for no apparent reason..Fingers hurt More Tommorow

Friday, October 30, 2009


Appreciation has brought me through my personal struggle,, I know the universe is taking me down my pathway of life.. Sometimes i am un-happy with the result,but I am quick to accept it.. Acceptance is the key to my anxieties. I know that people in my life especially My lovers parents try to create friction between us.. I love her and am commited to her. I have been faithful to her always..All i have to do is let the truth unfold, which it is...I meditated for about an hour today and realized how powerless I am over other people... I can only control Will(me)... And as far as expecting a lot from others, all that does is disappoint you..But if you expect nothing from them, and show unconditional love(in any relationship) you will always be surprised with them...
I want you all to try this meditation...........Sit in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in for 3 seconds, then exhale on a 6 count...Continue this pattern but keep track of #'s...for example by your fifth breath all the way out, you would be on #45....then you would breath in 46,47,48, and breath out 49,50,51,52,53,54......etc etc... this will keep your ego busy.. While you are counting with your ego and concentrating on breath focus on a very positive outcome of anything...When your mind wanders, pull it back gently to concentrate again on breath, #'s, and positivity....This is my own patented meditation...You must keep both parts of mind busy,ego, will know what they are when you think of talking to yourself..The ego is fear...the spirit is all that is happiness(light)....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meditation works!!!!!

I am goin through trying times with my girlfreind.. The only and best thing for me to do is stay spiritual and subside my ego.. She is accusing me of sleeping with someone last summer. although this is false I could not help but take a defensive stance..We have only been texting back and forth.. I have been with this girl for two years, I love her but if she does not trust me then?
With this drama in my life I am able to stay focused. Through meditation, and working on my goals..Modeling, acting, helping others, and training I am staying in the now.. I occasionally think of a past moment of love and traquility,(in thepast)witch makes me sad. thinking of the future without her makes me upset... But in the confines of the present moment I feel that God's will is being done.. I wont fight the universe, I will let it unfold before me....PS i am getting a good bit of followers, I just want to say thank you, and you are in my daily prayers....till tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Caroline has trained with me for 8 weeks.

Since the last "official" results day, Caroline has lost 24 lbs., and lost 37 inches total body.

Caroline and I estimate she is 20% to her goal, well on her way to mastering the fine arts of MIND - BODY - SPIRIT.

The above photo says it all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

leandown time..Anyone want diets?


A very sucussful relationship requires much hard work and much sacrifice, followed by unconditional support and love.. Love doesnt mean you have to be in love, It just means a sense of putting others feelings high on your priority list..A lot of my Job(life coaching) is teaching people to love themselves first.. After you love yourself then you can find someone else that loves themselves and both of you together can create succes..So many times in relationships one personj is whole, and the other is a mess.. This brings you both down..Nobody likes to spend life fixing others problems...I preach to help others as much as possable, but fixing the same problems in a relationship is co-dependency..Meaning you value yourself based on your partnersa happiness.
I dont like to go to extremes, but learning to master relationships(both freinds and significant others) will help you underwstand yourself...Please tell me about your relationship issues, i would love to help

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Training session to all palm bch. county residents

I want to start meeting more and more people so that I can start to put together a paypal for a charity... I dream to make enough money as I have wrote with paypal.. So I can travel the world helping people one small donation after the next...I would blog all my progress and expendatures..I wanna start by taking books first hand to third world countries..The sky is the limit as to how far we could take this.. I am going to need an honest, positive,hard working,and smart team to make the biggest impact...This is why I want to meet so many new people...hence free

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will at 260lbs. 30% fat

This is before my mind, body, and spirit changed then 25yrs., Now 28yrs. old


John was consistent, hard working, and listened to my teaching to the tee.. He is a wonderful guy, with a great personality. I have no doubt John will make it far in life...We are still close friends

Happiness resides between your ears..wburkland

The past is filled with crazy drunken drug induced sexual pleasures.... followed by a week or two of recovery.. However I learned a lot during these times... I learned that you must do "The right thing" in order for life to be glorious.....
The present is filled with never saying no to someone who ask for help. Allowing the universe to ubfold before me, having radical acceptence of the now...never judging the moment just as I commented to Muir, bad and good judgements are based on brain pathways that can always be changed....With this mind set I have goals based on the Law of attraction....
The goals I have set are as follows: Make it to New York, Make it to LA, make it to every big city around the world and spread my message....To do this I need Money, I need to be regognized... I humble myself where ever I will go and ask for help...Soon I willbe putting Paypal on blog for your help.. Along with trainig, small modeling gigs, side work, and your help I think I will be able to live my dream...I want to make small donations thousands of places, Not lump sums that get eatin up by salaries of non4profits....
My message, if you have not caught on yet is you are super important in this world.. with strengh and faith anything can be accomplished...And teach anxiety control.......
Please ask guestions pondering lifes happiness

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

today's revalation

I sat in meditation for 45 minutes today after reading JOYFUL LIVING.. I came to realize that the more i watch myself and others, the more understanding I have for the Ego... It is what causes all pain and suffering..It is fear based..It is the part of us that leads us to make wrong decisions...The spirit however is all joyful, ever happy to be present, with no fear of failure.. The spirit identifies with nothing.. it relates to everything without judging it,but identifies with I am going to do more to stay centered..I will help all those who need my inspiration and kind words..I challenge you all to do the same

Monday, October 19, 2009

mind body spirit

The reason for my constant atttention to my body and mind is so i can enjoy life...Only by working on yourself can you improve.. right now I love helping people lose weight (this will always be a passion)..I want to take my life to the next level. With every passing day I wish to be an actor, model, or just to make a difference.. My plan is to make myself known, then softly teach things like..The laws of the universe (attaction, ballance, free will).. Each one of us can do whatever we want.. I want to relay this message on a large scale.. I know itwould envoke desire to all who opened up to it

Right know I am life coaching on a small scale....I have about 8 people who are hungry for my is one you all can look at.
Mind Body and Spirit Mind Body and spirit